How do new ideas

become lived social realities?

Metacata helps communities and enterprises

along their journey from concept to culture.

Metacata is the research and consulting practice of Sam Chua and collaborators. Our work focuses on the nature, process, and catalytics of sociocultural change.

Our Work

Catalyzing The Imagination

Innovation x Human Systems

Future Of Work / …

Organizational Transformation

Change Management

From Strategy To Design

Who With & Where

Our collaborators and clients span startups, communities, foundations, conferences, and Fortune 500 companies.


We’re based in Asia, where we have worked across more than a dozen cities, and are headquartered between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.


Change, One Conversation At A Time

We have learned that the most interesting journeys emerge one conversation at a time.

Find us on LinkedIn or email us — who knows where we might go?

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