Growing the world's working imagination.


Metacata is a consulting and cultural-technology enterprise, founded by Samuel Chua.

Our mission is to grow the world's working imagination, bridging the worlds we build with the worlds we might want.


The Working Imagination

Imagination is the staging ground for action.

What we cannot imagine, we can neither invent, innovate, nor implement.

Just as our vocabulary both feeds and limits the sentences and stories we are able to write, our working imagination similarly informs and bounds what we can create, build, or invent.


A Travel Agency For The Mind

What makes up your mind?
What were your most formative or transformative experiences?

For most of us, these often take the form of travel, encounters, stories, and play
— the types of experiences that most fundamentally shape our selves.

At Metacata, we consult as a travel agency for the mind, designing and staging learning journeys that help you expand your individual and organizational working imagination.



Our lives are full of technology.
But just as important are things like culture, institutions, human systems — things we call metatechnology — that shape how we relate to technology and how we let it shape our lives.

At Metacata, we see our work as learning metatechnologists — both continually learning about the metatechnology of our lives, as well as building new metatechnologies to help learn our way forward.


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